Ask “What’s Your Passion?” For Professional Success

How do you connect with someone you don’t know at a professional event?



What do you say to fill that awkward silence after that introduction?



Try asking “So, what’s your passion?”



People’s favorite subject is themselves. It’s validating, something they are comfortable speaking about and a topic they desperately desire to share—especially in the uncomfortable environment of networking.



And if you ask someone about themselves it validates you as a wise and judicious person.



After all, if you’re interested in them, if you think they are important enough to warrant your attention, then you must be perspicacious and quick.



And you’ll be remembered.



Asking “So, What do you do?” Boring. Predictable. Creates the impression that you are only interested for what they bring to the table professionally.



But “What’s your passion”?  You’re interested in them as a person.



Try an A/B test at your next professional gathering.



Ask a few people about their passion and others about their job.



Then watch the expression on their faces.



And see which one responds with a smile.