Spondylitic Changes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If your patient with IBD has back pain, make sure you note any spondylitic changes on the plan films of the spine you may order.



Other inflammatory spondylitis (ICD-10 48.8x depending on location) is the appropriate code for such changes—-and can increase the monthy payment for this patient’s care by the government by as much as 30%



This is not something the back office is going to pick up. Neither is some AI program running in the back ground.



Only you, the patient’s prime can identify it.



And don’t go screening all your IBD patients just in the hope of finding these changes (they are surprisingly common). Only do so if it’s medically appropriate, such as when the patient tells you about their back pain.



Going fishing for risk codes is unethical.



The nice thing about Medicare Advantage is that you can succeed by doing things right.