All The Characteristics of a Great Investment

One day, after paying all your bills and paying down your debt you might notice you have some money left over for you to save and invest—what should you do with it?



In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of the “everything bubble.” Every sort of asset:  stocks, bonds, rental property, precious metals, and even digital currencies have been mispriced. Even the dividends of large, formerly staid companies are being called into question.



And if you just stash your cash, you’ll watch it waste away due to inflation.



So what’s the best investment you can make?



In yourself.



Increasingly, the clinicians I mentor in telemedicine are telling me they’re doing so because it’s the best investment they can make. Docs, NPs—they’re all telling me the same thing.



It’s relatively low cost, has an enormous return on the capital invested and telemedicine becomes ubiquitous, the value of your investment will only increase.



And the returns won’t only be financial. The most valuable commodity in the universe is also the rarest. Discretionary time. Time to do what you want, when you want to, where you want to do it.



An investment in your own telemedicine practice will pay you that in spades.



You just have to take the first step and make it.