Advance Practice Nurse— Mentoring —

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Stress and anxiety over selecting your next job.
  • Being asked to sign an employment contract without understanding what’s in it.
  • Reviewing job offers and not knowing what to ask.
  • Making the transition from training to practice without any mentoring.
  • Fear and trepidation that you’ll become burned-out, cynical and disengaged like the clinicians who trained you.
  • Not knowing who to turn to for advice.

I’ve been there. learn from My Journey

I was staring at my first employment contract and I had no idea what to do next. Finishing fourteen years of training deep in debt and with my first child on the way, I had no margin for error. There was no one I could turn to who knew what I needed to know and was also willing to share.
Tom’s Journey,
Your Success!
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Client results

“…showed me how to get the most out of my degree. Not just the dollars and cents, but also how to care for my patients without getting burned out, how to be treated respectfully by other providers and how to set limits with my employer. He’s been a real career changer for me. Because of his mentoring, I find that I can not only take care of my patients better, but I also can take care of myself, too.”
Barb K. BC-FNP
“Dr. Tom advised me during my contract negotiation for my first clinical position right out of training. His insight, his experience, and his obvious caring greatly reduced the stress and anxiety associated with my decision. With his help, I have a clear strategy for the first stage of my career and the tactical tools to carry it out. Because I engaged him, I can move forward with more confidence and less concern about professional burnout. I would never make another professional move without his expertise. He truly cares about his clients, and this comes across during all phases of the process. A great value and highly recommended. “
Kacey D. RN BC-FNP

My offer and why it’s great for you

Today, as APNs are increasingly seen as replaceable cogs on the factory floor, you need someone in your corner. Your new employer is run by savvy businessmen, not doctors. These business leaders have every interest in getting you to do the most work for the least cost to them. To level the playing field you need an advisor who’s actually been there, who can decode the language in your employment offer and tell you what it actually reveals. Only then can you make the best choices for your future with confidence and power.

Empowering collaboration

  • 1. Expert analysis of your options so you can choose the position that’s right for you.
  • 2. Comprehensive planning so you can make the most of the offer you select.
  • 3. Mentoring through your transition from training to practice, so you don’t have the stress of dealing with your new challenges alone.
Look around and see what the wrong decision can cost you. Don’t risk wasting your years of investment in your education to disengagement and burnout. Be smart enough to get an edge. Click below and start your journey to a fulfilling career right now.
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