You need a mindset of abundance.


The scarcity mindset sees limited resources from which the individual must get their share.  Things are being done “to” them. They are not in control


The abundance mindset sees only the opportunity to constantly innovate, creating the opportunity to generate an infinite amount of resources. And as innovation succeeds, it creates a sense of mastery.


To succeed in a value-based, risk-sharing environment, you must develop a reflexive mindset of abundance.


A sick patient is not simply going to cost you revenue. A sick patient an opportunity to ply your craft, promote their health and help them be well. As their disease burden increases, you will be provided the additional financial resources to care for those in your charge (provided you document your efforts accurately).


As you help maintain your patient’s health, those resources can be banked against the day their illnesses recur.


And both you and your patient will experience abundance across all aspects of your lives.


That’s the power of aligned incentives.


They unleash the power within every clinician.


They unleash the power within you.





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