For Clinicians—Your Personal Medicare Advantage Collaborator

Dr. Davis can dramatically improve the personal and financial performance of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners who deliver care under Medicare Advantage, managed-care Medicaid and other managed-care programs.

With a detailed analysis of your contracts, he’ll become your collaborative partner, performing a personalized assessment of your situation and constructing an action plan tailored to your specific opportunities. Dr. Davis will guide you through the process of creating your care systems and ensure your success with ongoing support, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best—taking great care of your patients.

See how much potential value you have waiting to be unleashed.

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Clinician Mentorship Dedicated to Your Interest

Intimidated looking for your first job, new job or just disengaged from your current one?

You’re not alone.

Choosing the practice that’s right for you is a daunting challenge for any Nurse Practitioner or Physician today. Everyone “assisting” you—recruiters, potential employers, even your faculty—has their own agenda, often not aligned with your success.

Working ONLY for you, Dr. Davis will serve as your personal, practice-selection collaborator; enabling you to envision, design and identify your ideal practice situation, negotiate the best package of compensation and responsibilities, while lending his long experience to help you create the personal and professional systems for you and your patient’s total success.

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Enhancing the Performance of Healthcare Delivery Systems

Dr. Davis can dramatically impact your bottom line. Using his hard-won, granular expertise, he will:

  • Analyze proposed managed care contracts for revenue and loss potential within your current structure.
  • Create or re-engineer the care systems within your existing care contracts for optimal performance.
  • Assess and augment your compliance program to ensure revenue retention.
  • Educate and mentor your clinicians within your managed care programs for confidence and success.

If your organization is under performing, looking for new opportunities or simply needs a shot of outside innovation, contact Dr. Davis today and put his expertise to work for your success.

The Guru for Medicare Advantage Insurers

Dr. Davis is the insurers’ trusted guide for contract construction with both payers and providers, collaboration with existing providers in care-delivery system creation, and optimization of your all-important compliance operations. Whether you’re an insurer with an underperforming provider group, a state government struggling with your managed Medicaid contracting, or a healthcare delivery organization considering the creation of your own Medicare Advantage plan, collaboration with Dr. Davis will give you the edge you need to accelerate your learning curve and generate the positive performance you deserve.

Dr. Davis’ personal experience and expertise can take your product to the next level more quickly than you ever thought possible.

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Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Expert Witness

Board-Certified Family Physician with over 24 years of clinical experience. Regularly named one of the Best Doctors™ in St. Louis. Clinical experience includes general Family Medicine, tele-medicine, skilled and custodial nursing home care, nurse practitioner supervision and hospice.

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Venture Capital Advising

Whether you’re invested in a new or an underperforming Medicare Advantage plan, Dr. Davis’ collaboration will decrease your tail risks and accelerate profitability far ahead of the curve. With unparalleled experience and the habit of success, Dr. Davis provides:

  • Analysis of proposed managed care contracts for maximum profitability.
  • Creation or re-engineering your contracted provider’s care systems for optimal performance.
  • Assessment and augmentation of your compliance programs to ensure maximum revenue retention and minimal regulatory risk.
  • Individual and group education and mentoring services of your contracted clinicians for confidence and success.

If you want your managed-care investment to have an exclusive advantage no-one else has, contact Dr. Davis right now and ensure your strong performance.

Curriculum Development and Training

Award winning educator Dr. Tom Davis is THE advantage your students need to set them apart.

Working closely with your own educators, Dr. Davis

  • Creates curricula and directly teaches students and residents about how to excel in the manage care world they will soon enter.
  • Eases anxiety through training and direct mentoring as students identify and select their ideal clinical practice.
  • Collaborates with your faculty on how to role-model excellence in your managed care practice—to your student’s benefit and their future healthcare system’s success.

Do you want to standout as graduating only the best prepared medical professionals? Begin your school’s journey to exceptionalism.

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Recovery Audit Contracting Expertise

Through long experience, both clinical and as a compliance professional, Dr. Davis will greatly increase your recoveries through systems analysis, pattern identification and the insider knowledge of most common sources documentation errors. With professional certification in compliance and coding informing his assessments, Dr. Davis will ensure your audit appeals win the day. Accelerate your revenue cycle with amplified returns by

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