For over 25 years, Dr. Tom Davis has been a pioneer of successful value-based healthcare, helping organizations to save millions of dollars, prevent costly compliance errors, and provide true value to their patients. He works tirelessly to educate his fellow clinicians on how to leverage value-based programs–such as Medicare Advantage and direct-contracting—for sustainable revenue growth and exceptional patient care.

ADriven to Servend he does all this with a commitment to primary care.

Tom understands that primary care delivery is the single most important element of successful value-based care programs. This perspective sets Tom apart from every other consultant in the industry. His consulting, mentoring, educating, and speaking services empower all clinicians: Specialists, Internists, Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants to make value-based healthcare work for them—and for their patients.

Tom’s powerful approach draws from nearly three decades of expertise in key areas of value-based healthcare, including:

  • Effectively managing patients in value-based care environments.
  • Leveraging shared-risk contracting for increased bottom-line revenues.
  • Avoiding revenue clawbacks due to compliance oversights.
  • Increasing the compensation and career satisfaction for all clinicians.
  • Staying ahead of changes in regulations and market conditions.
  • Delivering quality care on both value and production-based care models
  • Nurturing clinician-patient relationships for maximum revenue generation.

Large healthcare organizations, skilled nursing facilities, physicians, nurse practitioners, students, and more—all turn to Tom for guidance on achieving truly viable value-based and shared-risk care programs.

They choose Tom because he is the industry’s top thought leader on delivering quality, sustainable primary care in value-based environments.

Tom has seen first-hand that clinicians must take the lead for real success under Medicare Advantage and programs like it. That’s why he focuses on helping clinicians understand how value-based and shared-risk systems can benefit their patients, their organizations and themselves. Under Tom’s expert guidance, value-based care becomes an opportunity for healthcare success.

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