Dr. Tom’s PhilosophyToday’s healthcare landscape is fast-changing and complex, with increasing regulatory burdens, greater risks and declining reimbursements. Healthcare organizations, insurers, and clinicians face incredible challenges to sustainably provide quality healthcare to their trusting patients.

Dr. Tom Davis understands that value-based and shared-risk contracting is the only viable solution to the industry’s most pressing problems. That’s why Tom is committed to teaching his clients how to best utilize these tools with mastery.

The heart of Tom’s philosophy is this: The true value of healthcare lies in the close, trusting relationship between the patient and their personal clinician.

Unfortunately, far too many healthcare organizations and insurers don’t recognize this simple fact. Instead, they seek to replicate it’s effects with high-overhead patient management and data analysis techniques that focus on external metrics, patient satisfaction scores, and transient revenue streams rather than real value that bottom-up patient care can generate.

Value-based and shared risk contracting, such as that under Medicare Advantage, are the only kind of care systems that engender an environment where the clinician-patient relationship can be prioritized, nurtured, and scaled–that is, for those organizations willing to recognize it. Tom has dedicated his career to spreading this knowledge to as many clinicians—and as many organizations—as possible so that their patients, too ,can experience exceptional medical care. Medical care as it was meant to be.

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