2018 Medicare Handbook

The worm has most certainly turned.

The 2018 Medicare Handbook just came out, and it’s the most favorable to Medicare Advantage that I’ve ever seen—and that’s a big opportunity for you.

The handbook is delivered to all Medicare beneficiaries and those who will soon be eligible. It is the Federal Government’s official communication about the program and as such it is the single most influential marketing tool there is—bar none.

When I first contracted with Medicare Advantage back in 1995, it was a niche product, beneath most people’s notice, it was barely mentioned in the government’s educational materials. Then as it grew, it became the bogeyman for all that was wrong for privatizing government healthcare and the educational information had a decidedly negative slant.

This created quite a headwind for patient recruitment.

Even as recently as 2015, the verbiage was neutral at best.

But this latest one?


It’s a full-throated endorsement. So much so that consumer advocates have complained that the information regarding Medicare Advantage is downright misleading.

That’s when you know the game has changed.

I try to save this space to only relate truly impactful events. This is one.

This is a game changer.

The open enrollment period is only a few months away.

Get as many copies of this as you can. Put it in your waiting rooms, your exam rooms, on your website. Do so without comment, without endorsement. The piece will speak for itself.

The headwinds have turned to tailwinds, use this report to fill your sails.

You have no idea how far you can go.